Tell me about the classes you offer around the area?

Over the past 25 years I have been offering Kitchen & Bath design classes throughout the area. I am a big believer in educating people so that when they go and get the remodeling process started they will have the knowledge and understanding to make smart decisions throughout the process. Covered in the classes include cabinetry, appliances, tops, lighting, plumbing, flooring, and also the theory of design including the study of the triangle method. All of the classes are held in a non-pressure class room setting and a schedule can be found on this website.

Help me understand the term “A virtual experience”

Great question! Over the past 2 years I have phased out the traditional showroom concept and have shifted into a Loft studio. This has allowed me to thrive in a challenging economy by passing on the overhead savings to you the consumer. I am blessed with carrying lines of cabinetry that have cutting edge showrooms only a car ride away. So when it comes to seeing cabinetry we travel to the showrooms and see what is new and exciting in kitchens and baths today. The Hall Design Group has also invested in state of the art computer software that is a terrific resource for you as having something at your disposal to see what the end result will realistically look like before anything gets started thus causing mistakes not to be made and also to allows you to sleep at night.

Can I afford you?

Without question. The Hall Design group has positioned itself with a wide price range of cabinetry. After thorough research we have invested in cabinet lines that give us a wide range pricewise without sacrificing quality. I will not sell anything that I do not believe in. In regards to labor, we also offer several crews that work to fit within the clients budget.

Can you please explain your services?

I like to break a project into 3 areas. The areas include the design phase, product sales and the remodeling phase. The Hall Design Group will be happy to help you with everything from design only to doing the entire project.

Ok, so where do we start?

The first step is to have The Hall Design Group visit your home and see the area that is to be remodeled and also to see the rest of the home. This allows us the opportunity to get to know one another and find out your reasons for wanting to remodel. The next step would then be to put down a retainer which enables us to start process of designing your dream kitchen and or bath. We have a thorough powerpoint wishlist program that we work through together. The wishlist will help you understand everything that can be worked into the space and will guide you into making all of the right choices. Once this is done we then come up with an exciting design package for you to review. The drawings will be extensive and give you a great understanding of what can be achieved. Should you then wish to continue to have The Hall Design Group supply cabinetry the retainer will then get credited back to you and you will not be charged for the design.

I hear your seminars are very informative and entertaining. What are some of the topics and where are they held?

Thank you! Besides the classes that I offer throughout the year I also give seminars at the NARI Remodeling Show and also at The Great Big Home & Garden Show and The Great Big Home Remodeling Show. Some of the topics included are “Where do I begin”, “25 tips towards that perfect kitchen” along with  basement and master bath seminars. Please refer to the Education section of this website for further information along with the locations and times.

Will you help me with a design only?

Absolutely. There are times when someone may be a do-it-yourselfer or already have engaged the services of a contractor and just have the need for a professional design. My flexible business model allows The Hall Design Group to help with most anyones needs as they go thru the remodeling process. The design includes a floor plan along with elevations. Available upon request can be an electrical plan and also colored renderings to assist in the visualization of the space.