Unique Spaces

There are many other rooms in the house that The Hall Design Group enjoys assisting the client with. Some of these spaces include laundry rooms, game rooms, home offices, craft centers and even tack rooms for horses when a need arises.


With a creative mind the basement can become a highly effective multi-use room that can hold many activities at the same time. Please allow the The Hall Design Group to show you how an ordinary basement can unfold into a spot for family entertaining. Some items that are found to be popular in the basement include an entertainment area, a bar, a kitchen, a workout area, a laundry area, even a spa type bath retreat.


Being organized is such an important part of todays lifestyle. The closet has become an increasingly exciting part of the home. So much can be done with todays space using the latest in organizing materials. Whether you are remodeling the master suite or a childs bedroom you can be rest assured that with the guidance of The Hall Design Group we can create a space that will make getting up in the morning an enjoyable experience.