Back From Germany!

What an amazing trip to Germany! I was able to spend 2 full days at Leicht’s world headquarters and am excited to pass along all of the new and cutting edge items that I have never seen in my 30 plus years in the industry . I would like to start off with a new program by Leicht called the Valais program. The door is uniquely new to the industry. It is an oak veneered front with different plank widths and visibly staggered plank thicknesses, horizontally arranged. Every single front is uniquely crafted. The horizontal plank arrangement is irregular-with staggered plank alignment between cabinets.
Leicht description truly says it all “The oak surface is characterful and dignified with its expressive relief structure which is excitingly contrasted with the precise contours of fronts and worktop. The material mix too is inspiring: structured red wood with its warm tonality stands in deliberate contrast to the matt lacquer in cool carbon grey.”