Leicht Innovations 2018

I am proud to represent Leicht, the leader in fine European kitchen furniture for many reasons.

When it comes to fulfilling the kitchen desires of the client Leicht always takes the lead. The design world is quickly evolving into one of “modern style”. Over the past year I have been approached by clients who are looking to achieve an “industrial” looking kitchen. Leicht listened to the clients’ requests and introduced the new Minera series.

With German technology, Leicht was able to achieve a metallic looking effect on a series of their cabinetry. These doors are a matte lacquer and are anti-fingerprint. The different finishes include tarnished brass, charred black steel, and also a rusty steel effect. This series will greatly aid me in creating a unique kitchen space at an affordable price, as Minera is at a lower price series. We are on the cusp of a design revolution in which with technology we can create spaces never seen before due to extreme cost and Leicht is on the forefront of that.