WOW Second Skin

The design world is seeing something entirely new with the WOW Second Skin line. Second Skin can stick to virtually any existing surface. This makes it something that can be used in both exterior as well as interior decorating. As a designer, this line is something new and exciting that gives me the ability to add dimension to almost any space. It can be applied on top of existing surfaces such as concrete, glass, or ceramics and possesses the ability to add dimension to a large space. The line carries two unique shapes, Isos and Petal, which are available in an Ice White or Graphite. These three dimensional shapes allow you to play with the lights and shadows of the room and the individual pieces allow you to use your imagination to create a design suitable to any customer and any space. When I got into the kitchen and bath design world in the 80’s tile was all about pattern. The WOW Second Skin line is bringing this trend full circle today. The possibilities are endless with this line, look out for it to be a hot design trend in the future.